Kermit Logsheet

Kermit maintains an electronic logsheet which keeps track of events during the night including exposures, motor moves, user comments, and cryo temperatures, among other things. The logsheet is intended to completely replace the need to keep a paper log of observations.

The logsheet format evolved over the course of the March 2004 run, as various things were added or modified. This slightly complicates computer parsing of the logsheet, but not too much. The differences are generally quite minor (such as moving the time from the middle to the front of an "image:" line, for instance.) and I won't go through them all in detail here.

There exists Perl software to process the logsheet and produce summary files and ultimately drive data reduction. Ask me if you want a copy of this; I'll put it here on the web once I've added some documentation...

Data Format

Each line in the logsheet begins with an identifier that indicates which type of data is logged on that line.
******** Kermitui startup or shutdown
image: Image exposure
motor: or motormove: Motor Motions
temps: Temperature readings
# Comment from user

We'll consider each of these in turn. A startup or shutdown line will look like the following:

********** kermitui started Thu Mar 25 03:49:12 HST 2004  ********** log v1.4


********** kermitui exited (saving state) Thu Mar 25 04:45:04 HST 2004 **********
These lines give the start and stop times of the program in HST. Note also that the startup line gives the log format version number. As mentioned above, the logsheet format has changed over time slighly, and by checking which version is currently in use, software can process a logsheet correctly.

An image: line looks like:

image:   ker0059_ABAur_H_051036 ( 1) [Tue Mar 16 19:10:44 HST 2004]   [sub512-0-255:5000_ms *  1] : (H Large GoldMirror -3600) "AB Aur" "" ""
image:  [Thu Mar 25 10:52:08 GMT 2004]  ker0100_tests_Blank_105206 ( 1)  [sub512-0-300:0_ms *  1] : (Blank Large GoldMirror -3600) "tests" "" ""
The former is a v1.3 log entry and the second is a v1.4 log entry. The only difference is the location of the timestamp. The components of the v1.4 log entry are as follows:
image:  [Thu Mar 25 10:52:08 GMT 2004]  ker0100_tests_Blank_105206 ( 1)  [sub512-0-300:0_ms *  1] : (Blank Large GoldMirror -3600) "tests" "" ""
image:  [date in HST or GMT          ]  output filename      (n_exposures) [modestring * ncoadds] : (Filter Pupil M2       Focus)   "OBJECT" "COMMENT" "PROGRAM"

A motor line will look like

motor:  [Thu Mar 25 12:41:11 GMT 2004]      moved Filter (motor C) to position K
motormove: jogged Filter (motor C) -100 steps
These lines are hopefully fairly self-explanatory.

A temps: line will look like

temps:  [Fri Mar 26 08:12:03 GMT 2004]  detector: +75.003 K      cold plate: +48.310 K
This gives the temperature as measured at the detector (really at the heater resistor a few inches from the detector) and on the cold plate itself.

A comment line will start with "#" and will contain whatever the user typed into the logsheet comment window in Kermitui.

This page last updated on 2004-04-12 by Marshall Perrin.