Kermit Photos

Kermit hardware

The Kermit Dewar, open for assembly of the electornics at UH.

Kermit Hardware

Inside the dewar, looking at the detector mount (left) and the gold M1 mirror (in back, visible as two gold squares).

Katie Whitman at work

Katie Whitman, hard at work assembling the motor drive cables.

Kermit Hardware

Looking the other way in the dewar, at the filter wheel, M2 and M3 mirrors, and pupil mask slide.


Another view of the dewar interior

Jeff Kuhn installing detector

Jeff Kuhn cleans the Hawaii 2 detector immediately before installing it in the dewar.

Jeff Kuhn installing detector

Jeff Kuhn installs the detector onto the fanout board.

pumping down

Kermit with the dewar sealed again and pumping down to vacuum.