An Intro to CVS for Astronomy

These are notes from a seminar on CVS I've taught from time to time; comments and suggestions always welcome! Scroll down to the bottom for useful CVS-related web links. (mperrin 2006-02-03)

What is CVS?

CVS is the Concurrent Versions System. It's a software tool for collaborative version control of any sort of file, including source code, web pages, LaTeX files, and more.  

CVS keeps track of what changes are made in a file over time, allowing you to switch back to earlier versions, coordinate changes with another person, merge changes from different versions of the same file, and a lot more.  

Why should I use CVS?

CVS Concepts

Basic Tasks

This is by no means meant to be an exhaustive guide! Try the tutorials under the Links section for more detailed instructions.

Things we'll talk about during the seminar:


Official CVS Manual ("Cedarqvist"), and quick reference
Introduction to CVS (start here!)
Short Intro to CVS
Learn CVS in 2 (really 15) minutes
Open Source Development with CVS
CVS for BIMA (lots of useful tips and links here!)

Maximizing your Use of CVS, a very nice guide

Other Source Control Tools:

And related, but not really for source control: This page last modified 2006-02-03 by Marshall