Marshall Perrin's IDL Code

Here are some IDL programs I've written. These are all open source, come with no guarantees whatsoever, and should be considered works in progress..

This page just lists a few of the highlights; you can also look at my complete collection of routines, which also includes various useful routines I've gathered from others over the years.

IDL Tips and Tricks

This page just contains my IDL software. You have to look elsewhere for my IDL tips and tricks page.

IRCAL data reduction pipeline

See my IRCAL page for my IRCAL data reduction pipeline, finding chart tool, and a few other useful utilities.


Using the excellent IDL-MySQL bridge routines by Mark Buie, I developed an IDL interface to a MySQL database for tracking a large set of targets and observations. I used this for the Herbig Ae/Be star survey I conducted in my thesis, but I think the code is flexible enough that it could be used for other things as well.

The code supports tracking an arbitrarily large list of properties for objects (Spectral types, distances, radial velocities, whatever) as well as spectral energy distributions in arbitrary sets of wavelength and/or frequency; recording of observation logs; automatic retrieval of photometry from Vizier; and a lot of other stuff too.

The ATV FITS viewer

ATV is and IDL fits viewer, similar to DS9, originally developed by Aaron Barth. My modified version available here has been variously hacked on first by Henry Roe, to add support for 3D image cubes, and then by myself to add overplotting of polarimetry vectors, a new "Measure" mouse option, and a variety of other small features.