class poppy.CompoundAnalyticOptic(opticslist=None, name='unnamed', verbose=True, **kwargs)[source] [edit on github]

Bases: poppy.poppy_core.AnalyticOpticalElement

Define a compound analytic optical element made up of the combination of two or more individual optical elements.

This is just a convenience routine for semantic organization of optics. It can be useful to keep the list of optical planes cleaner, but you can certainly just add a whole bunch of planes all in a row without using this class to group them.

All optics should be of the same plane type (pupil or image); propagation between different optics contained inside one compound is not supported.

Parameters :

opticslist : list

A list of AnalyticOpticalElements to be merged together.

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getPhasor(wave)[source] [edit on github]

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