class poppy.Detector(pixelscale, fov_pixels=None, fov_arcsec=None, oversample=1, name=u'Detector', offset=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: poppy.poppy_core.OpticalElement

A Detector is a specialized type of OpticalElement that forces a wavefront onto a specific fixed pixelization.


name : string

Descriptive name

pixelscale : float

Pixel scale in arcsec/pixel

fov_pixels, fov_arcsec : float

The field of view may be specified either in arcseconds or by a number of pixels. Either is acceptable and the pixel scale is used to convert as needed. You may specify a non-square FOV by providing two elements in an iterable. Note that this follows the usual Python convention of ordering axes (Y,X), so put your desired Y axis size first.

oversample : int

Oversampling factor beyond the detector pixel scale

offset : tuple (X,Y)

Offset for the detector center relative to a hypothetical off-axis PSF. Specifying this lets you pick a different sub-region for the detector to compute, if for some reason you are computing a small subarray around an off-axis source. (Has not been tested!)

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