class poppy.ParityTestAperture(name=None, radius=1.0, pad_factor=1.5, **kwargs)[source] [edit on github]

Bases: poppy.poppy_core.AnalyticOpticalElement

Defines a circular pupil aperture with boxes cut out. This is mostly a test aperture, which has no symmetry and thus can be used to test the various Fourier transform algorithms and sign conventions.

Parameters :

name : string

Descriptive name

radius : float

Radius of the pupil, in meters. Default is 1.0

pad_factor : float, optional

Amount to oversize the wavefront array relative to this pupil. This is in practice not very useful, but it provides a straightforward way of verifying during code testing that the amount of padding (or size of the circle) does not make any numerical difference in the final result.

Methods Summary

getPhasor(wave) Compute the transmission inside/outside of the occulter.

Methods Documentation

getPhasor(wave)[source] [edit on github]

Compute the transmission inside/outside of the occulter.

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