class poppy.Rotation(angle=0.0, units='degrees', **kwargs)[source] [edit on github]

Bases: poppy.poppy_core.OpticalElement

Performs a rotation of the axes in the optical train.

This is not an actual optic itself, of course, but can be used to model a rotated optic by appling a Rotation before and/or after light is incident on that optic.

This is basically a placeholder to indicate the need for a rotation at a given part of the optical train. The actual rotation computation is performed in the Wavefront object’s propagation routines.

Parameters :

angle : float

Rotation angle, counterclockwise. By default in degrees.

units : ‘degrees’ or ‘radians’

Units for the rotation angle.

Methods Summary

display([nrows, row])

Methods Documentation

display(nrows=1, row=1, **kwargs)[source] [edit on github]
getPhasor(wave)[source] [edit on github]

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