class poppy.ThinLens(name='Thin lens', nwaves=4.0, reference_wavelength=2e-06, **kwargs)[source] [edit on github]

Bases: poppy.poppy_core.AnalyticOpticalElement

An idealized thin lens, implemented as a Zernike defocus term.

Parameters :

nwaves : float

The number of waves of defocus, peak to valley. May be positive or negative. This is applied as a normalization over an area defined by the circumscribing circle of the input wavefront. That is, there will be nwaves defocus peak-to-valley over the region of the pupil that has nonzero input intensity.

reference_wavelength : float

Wavelength, in meters, at which that number of waves of defocus is specified.

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getPhasor(wave)[source] [edit on github]

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