poppy.display_PSF_difference(HDUlist_or_filename1=None, HDUlist_or_filename2=None, ext1=0, ext2=0, vmax=0.0001, title=None, imagecrop=None, adjust_for_oversampling=False, crosshairs=False, colorbar=True, colorbar_orientation=u'vertical', print_=False, ax=None, return_ax=False, vmin=None, normalize=False, normalize_to_second=False)[source]

Display nicely the difference of two PSFs from given files

The two files may be FITS files on disk or FITS HDUList objects in memory. The two must have the same shape and size.


HDUlist_or_filename1,2 : fits.HDUlist or string

FITS files containing image to difference

ext1, ext2 : int

FITS extension. default = 0

vmax : float

for the scaling

title : string, optional

imagecrop : float

size of region to display (default is whole image)

normalize : bool

Display (difference image)/(mean image) instead of just the difference image.

adjust_for_oversampling : bool

rescale to conserve surface brightness for oversampled PSFs? (making this True conserves surface brightness but not total flux) default is False, to conserve total flux.

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