poppy.measure_EE(HDUlist_or_filename=None, ext=0, center=None, binsize=None)[source] [edit on github]

measure encircled energy vs radius and return as an interpolator

Returns a function object which when called returns the Encircled Energy inside a given radius, for any arbitrary desired radius smaller than the image size.

Parameters :

HDUlist_or_filename : string

what it sounds like.

ext : int

Extension in FITS file

center : tuple of floats

Coordinates (x,y) of PSF center. Default is image center.

binsize: :

size of step for profile. Default is pixel size.

Returns :

encircled_energy: function :

A function which will return the encircled energy interpolated to any desired radius.


>>> EE = measure_EE("someimage.fits")
>>> print "The EE at 0.5 arcsec is ", EE(0.5)

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