poppy.radial_profile(HDUlist_or_filename=None, ext=0, EE=False, center=None, stddev=False, binsize=None, maxradius=None)[source]

Compute a radial profile of the image.

This computes a discrete radial profile evaluated on the provided binsize. For a version interpolated onto a continuous curve, see measure_radial().

Code taken pretty much directly from pydatatut.pdf


HDUlist_or_filename : string

what it sounds like.

ext : int

Extension in FITS file

EE : bool

Also return encircled energy (EE) curve in addition to radial profile?

center : tuple of floats

Coordinates (x,y) of PSF center, in pixel units. Default is image center.

binsize : float

size of step for profile. Default is pixel size.

stddev : bool

Compute standard deviation in each radial bin, not average?


results : tuple

Tuple containing (radius, profile) or (radius, profile, EE) depending on what is requested. The radius gives the center radius of each bin, while the EE is given inside the whole bin so you should use (radius+binsize/2) for the radius of the EE curve if you want to be as precise as possible.

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