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Distance Cluster Hunting: A Comparison between the Optical and X-Ray
Luminosity Functions from an Optical/X-Ray Joint Survey

M. Donahue, J. Mack, C. Scharf, Y.P. Lee, M. Postman, P. Rosati, M. Dickinson,
G. M. Voit, and J.T. Stoke.
The Astrophysical Journal, 2001, 552, L93-L96.

On the Distance to the High Velocity Cloud Complex L:
Ultraviolet Observations toward HD 135485

L. Danly, Y.P. Lee, C.E. Albert, G. Sonneborn.
Submitted to the Astrophysical Journal.

Ultraviolet Emission Line Ratios of Cataclysmic Variables
C.W. Mauche, Y.P. Lee, T.R. Kallman.
The Astrophysical Journal, 1997, 477, 832-847.

Modelling Emission Lines from Dwarf Novae in Quiescence
Y. Ko, Y.P. Lee, E.M. Schlegel, and T.R. Kallman.
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Preparation and Superconductivity of Ba(1-x)K(x)BiO3 Single Crystal
W.D. Mosley, J.Z. Liu, A. Matsushita, Y.P.Lee, P. Klavins, and R.N. Shelton.
Journal of Crystal Growth 128 (1993) 804-807.


Distant X-ray Clusters of Galaxies: Studies and Searches
M. Donahue, P. Lee, M. Postman, M. Dickinson, J. Stocke.
1996, BAAS, 28, #4, 1317.

GHRS Observations of the ISM Toward BD +38 2182
L. Danly, Y.P. Lee, R. Benjamin.
1996, BAAS, 28, #2, 894.

An Optical Survey of Large Interstellar Structures
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Ultraviolet Observations toward HD 135485: Searching for Evidence
of a proposed High Velocity Cloud

L. Danly, Y.P. Lee, C.E. Albert.
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Ultraviolet Emission Line Ratios of Cataclysmic Variables
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The Investigation of Pressure Effects on High Tc Superconductor
. Thesis Advisor: Dr. Robert N. Shelton.
1992, University of California, Davis.