McCullough's Sustainability Website at STScI

  • STScI has a Sustainability Council, of which I am a founding member. We are writing a summary of our efforts on behalf of STScI, the US taxpayers that ultimately fund our work, and the rest of the inhabitants of our home planet. I will post that summary here also once it is published.

  • This website also is a repository of presentation(s) on solar power by Peter R. McCullough. I am very glad you are interested in this topic and my personal views on it. Please understand that these views are my own and do not represent the views of my employer, STScI, AURA, or NASA. Each of those organizations undoubtedly support the concept of Negawatts, which basically says we shouldn't waste power, but also such organizations are not in the role of endorsing any energy policies.

  • Again, these views are my own. The limited resource of posting them here is for my own personal convenience, much like posting family photos on my wall at work. It also allows me to easily respond to requests from people that have heard of this work and have their own personal interests in it.

  • A longer version of my solar power presentation (from Belmont in 2009) is available as a link at Wikipedia and Belmont's local cable TV channel re-broadcasts a 30-min single-take presentation of this material. DVDs are available from the Belmont MA public access TV station for a fee.

  • This is my solar power presentation circa 2012. PDF (6 MB)
  • This is my homemade yogurt recipe and method. PDF