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Fraud or waste? let the NASA Inspector General now ASAP via the hotline web site:
Which WBS to use? http://www.stsci.edu/institute/org/rmo/ChargeStructure/HST_WBS.htm The following were valid links in 2003, but no longer work. Use Google or go to the STIS internal website for most of this stuff.
Timecard? http://mytime.stsci.edu/ on-line summary of policy http://www.stsci.edu/admin/finan/GeneralTimecardInfo.pdf instructions for webet: http://www.stsci.edu/webet/
Which WBS to use? Consult the appropriate manager or the on-line WBS dictionary at http://www.stsci.edu/admin/wbs_dict.html
Official STScI policies and procedures The Employee Handbook http://www.stsci.edu/admin/hres/emp_hand.html The STSCI Policies webpage http://www-int.stsci.edu/do/policies/index1.html