Date of Birth                 June 27th, 1958

Nationality                    Italian  

Address                        Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)

3700 San Martin Drive

            Baltimore MD 21218, United States       

Phone                           +1 (410) 338-4382

Fax                               +1 (410) 338-4796        



Languages                     English, French, German, Italian (mother tongue)



Education                      PhD in Physics                                                                                     1989

                                    Thesis: Astronomical Imaging in the Thermal Infrared:

                                                the TIRCAM project

Advisors: Prof. G. Silvestro and A. Ferrari, Universitą di Torino, Italy


Laurea in Physics (cum laude)                                                                1984

Thesis: Millimetric and Infrared emission of the   Giant Molecular

            Cloud NGC6334

Advisor: Prof. G. Silvestro, Universitą di Torino, Italy



Positions:                      1999-date          Associate Astronomer

European Space Agency (ESA), on duty at the Space Telescope Science Institute 

1995-1999        Staff Astronomer

Max Planck Institute für Astronomie (MPIA), Heidelberg

                                    1995-1999        Research Astronomer [on leave]

Osservatorio Astronomico di Torino (OATo)

1987-1995        Research Astronomer, OATo



Current function            WFC3 Instrument Scientist (STScI)

                        WFC3 Infrared Group Lead (STScI)

WFC3 Infrared Detector Scientist (NASA)


Areas of Interest

Scientific:          Star formation in the Trapezium cluster; mid-IR emission of circumstellar disks; HST/UV studies of mass accretion in Pre-Main-Sequence objects; new mission concept.

Technical:         Design, construction, and commissioning of ground and space-based instrumentation; development and testing of new detectors; ground and on-orbit calibration strategies for HST instrumentation; JWST; LBT and VLTI/MIDI interferometers. Project management.