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2009 - NASA Group Achievement Award in recognition for the outstanding dedication, ingenuity, and technical expertise applied to the HST Advanced Camera for Surveys-Repair Mission

2008 - Robert H. Goddard Exceptional Achievement Award for Engineering (One-Gyro Science Mode Implementation Team)
2008 - AURA Team Award for the Centralized Storage and Network Upgrade implementation team

2007 - NASA Group achievement award for the ACS anomaly investigation and recovery.
2007 - STScI Group Achievement Award for the prompt recovery of Cycle 15 HST Science Operation.

2006 - STScI Group Certificate of Excellence Award to the ACS recovery team.
2006 - AURA Team Award to Two Gyro science team.
2006 - NASA Group Award certificates for the Two Gyro Implementation.

2005 - STScI Individual Outstanding Achievement Award for the role in the ACS photometric Calibration and the assessment of its scientific performance during the flight test and the transition to two gyro mode.
2005 - STScI Group Certificate of Excellence Award for the implementation and testing of the two-gyro operations mode.

2002 - Hubble Space Telescope Program Group Award for the contribution made to the HST servicing mission 3B
2002 - Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center Group Achievement Award for the preparation and support of the Space Shuttle Mission STS-109