Jeff Valenti

Useful IDL procedures in a tar file and individually:

Procedure Purpose Insert a new field in an existing IDL structure Replace an existing field in an IDL structure Delete an existing field from an IDL structure List source files in IDL !path order for an IDL procedure Format a number as a string, trimming trailing zeros Return color or color index depending on plot device Define a sequence of colors for line plots Set of useful user-defined plot symbols Begin sending graphical output to a postscript file Stop sending graphical output to a postscript file Display an image with axes in pixel units Used by display to make image fit in plot window Used by display to scale data values to pixel values Read an echelle spectrum from an ‘ech’ style FITS file Modify an ‘ech’ style FITS file or structure Write an echelle spectrum to an ‘ech’ style FITS file Create an ech FITS file from an ‘ech’ style structure