Current Responsibilities

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I work in the Commanding (Instruction Management) group at the Space Telescope Science Institute. Most of my time goes into working on software for the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS, pronounced "ace"), which is to be installed in the HST during the 1999 servicing mission.

Programs, known locally as instructions, take processed observing proposal information as input, and generate the commands required to execute the specified observations, and other functions, on the science instruments, in this case ACS. I develop the software database elements used to interface between the ACS instructions the ACS flight software, and participate in the review process for the ACS flight software. I also write the requirements for the software system that processes the information on the observing proposals. I must maintain a detailed account of the status of all of the ACS ground software.

Occasionally I am asked to work on Fine Guidance Sensor and Astrometry instructions as well.

My other major duty is delivery of instructions for all science instruments. After the instruction developer(s) and our group manager review and approve any changes, additions, or deletions of instructions, I must perform a separate review and update various libraries and databases before making the delivery to the operational system.

Further duties include: maintaining a database with status and details of "problem reports" related to Commanding group instructions; and management of the Mac system (running Linux) which is home to our group's WWW pages.

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