AR 13884 (Archival Research)

Sat Jul 20 09:18:46 GMT 2024

Principal Investigator: Ian Roederer
PI Institution: North Carolina State University
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Title: The Origins of Germanium and the Transition to Neutron-Capture Nucleosynthesis
Cycle: 22

We propose to study the element germanium {Ge, Z=32} in cool stars. Ge has a mass that puts it in a transition region from nucleosynthesis occurring in nuclear statistical equilibrium to charged-particle and neutron-capture reactions. Observational constraints on predictions of the nucleosynthesis of Ge are limited, since Ge has only be detected in cool stars with the UV sensitivity of HST. We propose a new ARCHIVE project that will double the number of cool stars with Ge detections. We will use these data to characterize the different Ge production mechanisms over the history of the Galaxy and understand the chemical evolution of this transition element. This will provide a better understanding of the many nucleosynthesis channels that have produced Ge since the earliest epochs of metal production in stars.