AR 13901 (Archival Research)

Sun Jul 14 19:15:20 GMT 2024

Principal Investigator: Morgan Fouesneau
PI Institution: Max Planck Institute for Astronomy
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Title: A Legacy Magellanic Clouds Star Clusters Sample for the Calibration of Stellar Evolution Models
Cycle: 22

Stellar evolution models are fundamental to all studies in astrophysics. These models are the foundations of the interpretation of colors and luminosities of stars necessary to address problems ranging from galaxy formation to determining the habitable zone of planets and interstellar medium properties. For decades the standard calibration of these models relied on a handful of star clusters. However, large uncertainties remain in the fundamental parameters underlying stellar evolution models. The project we propose is two-fold. First we propose to generate a new high quality reference dataset of the resolved stars in 121 Magellanic Cloud clusters, selected from 18 past programs to efficiently sample a large grid of stellar evolution models. Our team will measure the photometry of individual stars in those clusters and characterize individual completeness and photometric uncertainties. Second, we will migrate the calibration of the stellar evolution into a fully probabilistic framework, that will not only reflect the state-of-the-art, but will also be published with fully characterized uncertainties, based on the entire reference data set, rather than a few select clusters. We have entered an era dominated by large surveys {e.g. SDSS, PanSTARRS, Gaia, LSST} where the variations between families of stellar models are greater than the nominal precision of the instruments. Our proposed program will provide a library needed for a convergence in the stellar models and our understanding of stellar evolution.