AR 14279 (Archival Research)

Sun Jul 14 03:50:43 GMT 2024

Principal Investigator: Eric Bell
PI Institution: University of Michigan
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Title: A model-independent assessment of the effects of dust attenuation at 0.5<z<1 on HST-derived F814W galaxy morphologies, structures and luminosities
Cycle: 23

HST has invested thousands of orbits in carefully measuring intermediate-redshift galaxy structures and morphologies (structures hereafter), photometric redshifts and stellar populations, forming the bedrock of our measurements of galaxy evolution. Yet, studies of nearby galaxies show that the structures of galaxies and their spectral energy distributions (SEDs) are strongly affected by dust. Given that the 0.51e10 M_sun in a way that depends neither on dust attenuation nor on galaxy inclination. This selection yields a sample of very similar disk galaxies, viewed from random viewing angles; COSMOS is the ideal dataset owing to its large size, its superb depth, and its widely-used public catalogs of galaxy structures. Following the methods we have developed using the SDSS, we will measure changes in F814W-derived galaxy structure with axis ratio (inclination), measuring for the first time ever the differential effects of dust attenuation on galaxy structures at 0.5