AR 14302 (Archival Research)

Sun Jul 14 05:57:42 GMT 2024

Principal Investigator: Danilo Marchesini
PI Institution: Tufts University
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Title: A Legacy Archive Program Providing Optical/NIR-selected Multiwavelength Catalogs and High-level Science Products of the HST Frontier Fields
Cycle: 23

We propose to construct public multi-wavelength and value-added catalogs for the HST Frontier Fields (HFF), a multi-cycle imaging program of 6 deep fields centered on strong lensing galaxy clusters and 6 deep blank fields. Whereas the main goal of the HFF is to explore the first billion years of galaxy evolution, this dataset has a unique combination of area and depth that will propel forward our knowledge of galaxy evolution down to and including the foreground cluster redshift (z=0.3-0.5). However, such scientific exploitation requires high-quality, homogeneous, multi-wavelength (from the UV to the mid-infrared) photometric catalogs, supplemented by photometric redshifts, rest-frame colors and luminosities, stellar masses, star-formation rates, and structural parameters. We will use our expertise and existing infrastructure - created for the 3D-HST and CANDELS projects - to build such a data product for the 12 fields of the HFF, using all available imaging data (from HST, Spitzer, and ground-based facilities) as well as all available HST grism data (e.g., GLASS). A broad range of research topics will benefit from such a public database, including but not limited to the faint end of the cluster mass function, the field mass function at z>2, and the build-up of the quiescent population at z>4. In addition, our work will provide an essential basis for follow-up studies and future planning with, for example, ALMA and JWST.