AR 14303 (Archival Research)

Sun Jul 14 21:18:34 GMT 2024

Principal Investigator: Bahram Mobasher
PI Institution: University of California - Riverside
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Title: Multi-Waveband Photometric Catalogs for the Hubble Frontier Field Clusters and their Parallel Fields
Cycle: 23

Using the multi-waveband photometric data of the Hubble Frontier Field (HFF) clusters and their parallel fields, taken by the HST/ACS and WFC3, we propose to generate self-consistent photometric catalogs of galaxies in these fields. We combine the ACS images taken with different filters and use the stacked image to select the galaxies, minimizing any wavelength-dependent bias in the catalog. We apply the Template FITting (TFIT) method to perform self-consistent photometry between images from different detectors (ACS, WFC3, IRAC), allowing for differences in the PSFs and resolutions. This provides multi-waveband photometric catalogs spanning the wavelength range ACS (optical), WFC3 (near-infrared) and Spitzer/IRAC (3.6 and 4.5 microns). The self-consistent photometric catalog will then be used to estimate the photometric redshift, stellar mass, rest-frame color, extinction and star formation rate for individual galaxies. We will undertake a spectroscopic campaign to obtain spectroscopic redshifts (and diagnostic lines) for galaxies in the HFF clusters and their parallel fields. We have already started these observations with a successful observing runs. All the photometric catalogs and the spectra (including the spectroscopic redshifts) will be provided to the community soon after they were obtained and passed the quality check. We request funding for 18 months to support a graduate student to carry out this work. All the routines and pipelines needed for this program are already developed and tested.