AR 14313 (Archival Research)

Mon Jul 15 04:42:02 GMT 2024

Principal Investigator: Anil Seth
PI Institution: University of Utah
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Title: Black Holes and Central Mass-to-Light Ratios in Low Mass Early-Type Galaxies
Cycle: 23

Nuclear X-ray sources show that many low-mass early-type galaxies have central supermassive black holes. However, apart from the unusual Local Group galaxy M32, none of these black holes have measured dynamical masses. We show that using only existing data---archival HST imaging and published ground-based kinematic measurements---we can estimate the black hole masses and central mass-to-light ratios of a sample of 46 low-mass early-type galaxies. We will use these measurements to explore black hole demographics and scaling relations in this unexplored area of parameter space. We will also test the hypothesis that ultra-compact dwarf galaxies are the tidally stripped remnants of such low-mass early type galaxies.