AR 14563 (Archival Research)

Sun Jul 14 10:18:58 GMT 2024

Principal Investigator: Adam Frank
PI Institution: University of Rochester
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Title: Accretion to Outflow in Evolved Star Binaries: Disks in AGB, PPN and PN
Cycle: 24

Collimated mass outflows are a ubiquitous phenomena in astrophysics. While outflows appear to have a common launch mechanism via magneto-centrifugal effects, the source of the mass in the outflows can differ substaintally. In evolved star outflows such as those from Proto-Planetary Nebulae (PPN) and Planetary Nebula (PN), the most likely route to jet production are mass transfer and disk formation in binaries. But unlike other outflow sources such as YSO and AGN, in evolved star outflows the physics of accretion in terms of explicit modes of mass transfer can be hidden under considerable uncertainty. The main goal of this proposal is to shed light on these uncertainties. We seek to combine HST observations with state of the art numerical simulations tools (developed by our team) to achieve two linked goals in the understanding of evolved star binary mass transfer and their relation to outflow dynamics. (1) to articulate the basic physics of mass transfer and accretion disk formation via a new mechanism called Wind Roche Lobe Overflow (WLROF) as well via wind capture Bondi-Hoyle flows. In this study we will establish limits in terms of accretion rates through the disks and therefore into the jets. (2) to link the disks and accretion flows from our studies to binary systems that have been observed by HST and other platforms such as Mira, the Red Rectangle, M2-9, and He2-90.