AR 14567 (Archival Research)

Thu Jul 25 12:32:24 GMT 2024

Principal Investigator: Yashar Hezaveh
PI Institution: Stanford University
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Title: Inferring the mass function and galaxy content of low mass subhalos with HST observations of ALMA strong lensing systems
Cycle: 24

The abundance, properties, and stellar contents of the smallest dark matter halos hold essential clues to our understanding of the nature of dark matter and the physics of galaxy formation on the smallest scales. ALMA observations of strongly lensed galaxies are now allowing us to detect low-mass subhalo satellites of distant galaxies. Comparing these measurements to theoretical models, however, requires a detailed knowledge of the host halo, which can be obtained from HST observations of the lensing systems. We propose to perform simulations of the stellar populations of the host halos and their subhalos and to develop an analysis pipeline to determine how HST observations could be efficiently planned and used to (1) place stringent constraints on the properties of host halos and (2) to measure the stellar mass contents of the lensing detected subhalos. The result of this study will enhance the synergy between HST and ALMA observations to answer fundamental questions about the nature of dark matter and the process of galaxy formation on small scales.