AR 14579 (Archival Research)

Sat Jul 20 09:28:09 GMT 2024

Principal Investigator: Daniel Proga
PI Institution: University of Nevada - Las Vegas
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Title: Modeling UV spectra of clumpy outflows in Seyfert galaxies
Cycle: 24

We propose to compare time-dependent and self-consistent theoretical models of discrete and multi-component UV absorbers in Seyfert galaxies with HST observations. Our modeling approach combines results from global simulations for the dynamics of clumpy outflows in AGN with a new quantitative theory for cloud formation, destruction, and acceleration based on high resolution local simulations. Our simulations include the realistic microphysical processes needed to make quantitative predictions for the UV spectral signatures expected for a given UV absorber. Our goal is to use these results in photoionizatoin and radiative transfer calculations designed to test the predictions of our model against observations of objects such as NGC 3783, NGC 4051, NGC 4593, NGC 5548, NGC 7469, Mrk 509, Mrk 279, and 1H 0419-57. In so doing, we will address the following questions: 1) How do the outflow inhomogeneity and time variability affect spectra (e.g., the width, shape, position and number of absorption lines)? 2) How do UV spectra depend on the line of sight? and 3) Are multi-component UV absorbers and so-called X-ray warm absorbers related?