AR 14583 (Archival Research)

Sat Jul 20 09:46:35 GMT 2024

Principal Investigator: Laura Sales
PI Institution: University of California - Riverside
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Title: Globular clusters and environmental effects in galaxy clusters
Cycle: 24

Globular clusters are old compact stellar systems orbiting around galaxies of all types. Tens of thousands of them can also be found populating the intra-cluster regions of nearby galaxy clusters like Virgo and Coma. Thanks to the HST Frontier Fields program, GCs are starting now to be detected also in intermediate redshift clusters. Yet, despite their ubiquity, a theoretical model for the formation and evolution of GCs is still missing, especially within the cosmological context. Here we propose to use cosmological hydrodynamical simulations of 18 galaxy clusters coupled to a post-processing GC formation model to explore the assembly of galaxies in clusters together with their expected GC population. The method, which has already been implemented and tested, will allow us to characterize for the first time the number, radial distribution and kinematics of GCs in clusters, with products directly comparable to observational maps. We will explore cluster-to-cluster variations and also characterize the build up of the intra-cluster component of GCs with time. As the method relies on a detailed study of the star-formation history of galaxies, we will jointly constrain the predicted quenching time-scales for satellites and the occurrence of starburst events associated to infall and orbital pericenters of galaxies in massive clusters. This will inform further studies on the distribution, velocity and properties of post-starburst galaxies in past, ongoing and future HST programs.