AR 14592 (Archival Research)

Sun Jul 14 05:08:28 GMT 2024

Principal Investigator: Nadia Zakamska
PI Institution: The Johns Hopkins University
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Title: From molecular to coronal lines: a COS survey of multi-phase galactic outflows
Cycle: 24

Galactic winds powered by supernovae or active galactic nuclei (AGN) are a major component of galaxy formation and are thought to drive the metallicity evolution and the stellar mass evolution of the universe. They are composed of gas at an extremely wide range of physical conditions, which presents a major theoretical and observational obstacle; as a result, the balance of energy and mass outflow rates between different phases is not known. We will systematically analyze the entire COS archive to identify absorption features probing all phases of the outflow, from hot to molecular phase. We will conduct the first systematic search of diffuse molecular gas probed by the Lyman-Werner absorption bands. We will determine the outflow contribution by kinematic analysis and we will analyze the relationship between the kinematics of different phases. We will study outflows, their kinematics and their multi-phase structure as a function of galaxy type and outflow type (starburst-driven vs AGN-driven) and a variety of galactic parameters such as stellar mass and star formation rates. We will directly compare our observations with FIRE numerical simulations of galactic winds. Our analysis will provide the first comprehensive view of the diffuse molecular phase of the outflows and will address a long-standing problem of measuring the energetics of the different components of galactic winds.