AR 15025 (Archival Research)

Sun Jul 14 20:21:05 GMT 2024

Principal Investigator: Yicheng Guo
PI Institution: University of Missouri - Columbia
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Title: Dwarfs in the Deepest Fields at Noon: Studying Size and Shape of Low-mass Galaxies out to z~3 in Five HST Legacy Fields
Cycle: 25

Galaxies with stellar mass 100x-1000x times smaller than our Milky Way (hereafter dwarf galaxies or DGs) are important for understanding galaxy formation and evolution by being the most sensitive probes of both the macro-physics of dark matter halos and the micro-physics of the different physical mechanisms that regulate star formation and shape galaxies. Currently, however, observations of distant DGs have been hampered by small samples and poor quality due to their faintness. We propose an archival study of the size, morphology, and structures of DGs out to z~3.0 by combining the archived data from five of the deepest regions that HST has ever observed: eXtreme Deep Field (XDF, updated from HUDF) and the Hubble Legacy Fields (HLFs). Our program would be the first to advance the morphology studies of DGs to the Cosmic Noon (z~2), and hence place unprecedented constraints on models of galaxy structure formation. Equally important is the data product of our program: multi-wavelength photometry and morphology catalogs for all detected galaxies in these fields. These catalogs would be a timely treasure for the public to prepare for the coming JWST era by providing detailed information of small, faint, but important objects in some deepest HST fields for JWST observations.