AR 15631 (Archival Research)

Mon Jul 15 04:58:34 GMT 2024

Principal Investigator: Peter Behroozi
PI Institution: University of Arizona
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Title: Physically Consistent Galaxy Stellar Masses and Star Formation Rates From z=0 to z=10
Cycle: 26

We propose a forward modeling approach that will self-consistently combine multi-epoch and multi-waveband data and reduce uncertainties in recovering galaxy stellar masses and star formation rates from current ~0.35 dex levels to the 0.15 dex level or less, benefiting both observers and theorists. Key outcomes include: a fully physical, self-consistent picture of galaxy stellar masses and star formation histories from z=0 to 10; significantly reduced uncertainties on the evolution of galaxies in dark matter halos; mock catalogs for arbitrary current and future surveys that simultaneously match currently observed galaxy number densities, colors, and clustering; and public code to enable easy incorporation of future datasets as they become available.