AR 15790 (Archival Research)

Mon Jul 15 05:07:49 GMT 2024

Principal Investigator: Joseph Burchett
PI Institution: New Mexico State University
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Title: CosmoVis: A Unified Framework for Exploring Hydrodynamic Simulation Datasets to Analyze Intergalactic and Circumgalactic Media
Cycle: 27

We propose the development of CosmoVis, an open source web-based application that facilitates novel interactive analyses of large hydrodynamic simulation datasets, enabling both simulators and observers to rapidly generate synthetic absorption-line spectroscopy. Phase 1 of our project focuses on a) the development of both the back-end cloud computing infrastructure required to support real-time queries of cosmological simulations, and b) the design of the front-end interface featuring new rendering solutions to represent intergalactic and circumgalactic media. Included in Phase 1, ready for analysis, will be two snapshots from the FIRE and EAGLE simulations. Phase 2 of our project presents two scientific use cases that integrate observational methods to examine simulated data using CosmoVis. The first use case takes advantage of our interface to probe the small-scale structure of circumgalactic gas, and the second analyzes IGM/CGM large-scale structure tomography.