AR 15794 (Archival Research)

Sun Jul 14 04:31:32 GMT 2024

Principal Investigator: Christiana Erba
PI Institution: East Tennessee State University
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Title: Quantitative Modeling of the Ultraviolet Spectra of Magnetic Massive Stars
Cycle: 27

Stellar winds are one of the most important factors of massive star evolution and a key ingredient in galactic chemical enrichment. Wind-sensitive UV spectral lines provide practical constraints on important stellar wind parameters. However, magnetic O- and B-type stars present line profiles with an atypical and varying shape, calling into question the accuracy of the classical massive star diagnostic toolbox for these objects. Previous work has demonstrated that magnetic wind confinement can provide a reasonable explanation for the observed UV line phenomenology, but systematic testing of this hypothesis has been severely limited by computationally expensive magnetohydrodynamical calculations. Our proposed analysis will solve this problem by applying a simple analytic prescription to efficiently calculate synthetic UV spectral lines. We are therefore able to provide better diagnostics to infer stellar wind parameters, as well as a deeper, more complete picture of the effects of large scale, global magnetic fields on stellar winds and ultimately on stellar evolution.