AR 16130 (Archival Research)

Mon Jul 15 05:04:17 GMT 2024

Principal Investigator: Svea Hernandez
PI Institution: Space Telescope Science Institute - ESA - JWST
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Title: Adding the Final Piece to the Metallicity Puzzle of Star- Forming Galaxies: Stellar Abundances from Integrated Light
Cycle: 28

Extragalactic metallicities are primarily inferred through studies of the neutral and ionized gas (H I and H II). We propose to obtain accurate metallicities and ages from the integrated light of young star clusters for an archival sample of 12 nearby star-forming galaxies. The neutral and ionized gas contained in our galaxy sample has been amply studied in the UV and optical range. We will be able to directly compare H I and H II metallicity diagnostics with those determined from the stellar component in the UV with the ultimate goal to provide the first quantitative conversion between stellar, neutral- and ionized-gas diagnostics. We will investigate the chemical composition of the different components (stars and multi-phase gas) as a function of galactic properties. Now more than ever it is critical to acquire a better understanding of UV spectra as this will be the only wavelength regime accessible for high-z studies (z~3-8) with the upcoming space- and ground-based facilities (JWST, TMT, ELT). The UV analysis here proposed will create a metallicity benchmark against which future high-z stellar population observations can be compared, allowing us not only to probe the earliest galactic environments (stars+gas), but also galactic chemical evolution through cosmic time.