AR 16147 (Archival Research)

Sat Jul 20 09:54:37 GMT 2024

Principal Investigator: Michael Rutkowski
PI Institution: Minnesota State University, Mankato
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Title: CENSUS-2175: Constraining Extinction with NUV Spectroscopy of UV-bright Star-forming galaxies-via the 2175-Angstrom bump
Cycle: 28

Dust is pervasive in high redshift galaxies, and assumptions about how it attenuates starlight and impacts conditions in the ISM strongly affect conclusions on the intensity and history of star formation for these galaxies. At present, these model assumptions are underconstrained using data obtained with HST and Spitzer. We propose to test whether the key standard assumption made in modeling high redshift galaxy (z>6) rest-frame UV spectral energy distributions - that high-z galaxies lack a significant 2175 Angstrom Bump feature - is valid. We will use deep archival HST near IR grism spectroscopy to make the first direct spectroscopic census of the 2175 Angstrom bump in 2