AR 16160 (Archival Research)

Thu Jul 18 15:07:22 GMT 2024

Principal Investigator: Stephen Zepf
PI Institution: Michigan State University
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Title: Far-ultraviolet insights into multiple populations in extragalactic globular clusters
Cycle: 28

Multiple populations are now known to be a ubiquitous feature of globular clusters in the Milky Way. This phenomenon has important implications for both star and cluster formation, but many questions remain. Integrated far-ultraviolet (FUV) observations allow us to extend the study of multiple populations to the larger and more diverse samples of extragalactic globular clusters. However, few clusters currently have these FUV data. This proposal will utilize archival ACS SBC F140LP observations of NGC 1399 to measure the FUV emission from a large sample of its globular clusters. Despite being taken over a decade ago, these data have never been used to study the galaxy's clusters. Given the potential to dramatically improve our understanding, with no new HST observing commitment, we propose to utilize this rich dataset. Furthermore, this analysis is timely in that it can guide future FUV observations of globular cluster systems under HST's "UV initiative".