AR 16609 (Archival Research)

Thu Jul 25 13:03:49 GMT 2024

Principal Investigator: Nikko Cleri
PI Institution: Texas A & M University
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Title: Peering Through The Dust: Paschen-beta Indicators of Star Formation and Dust Attenuation
Cycle: 29

We propose a comprehensive archival survey of attenuation-insensitive Paschen-beta star formation rates and histories, resolved line maps, and dust attenuation estimates from existing 3D-HST G141 observations of ~400 low-redshift galaxies. This large sample is made possible only by the unique combination of near-IR sensitivity and high multiplexing of the HST G141 grism. The 3D-HST survey provides the ideal dataset, augmented by CANDELS multiwavelength photometry that is among the deepest in the sky, plus public catalogs of ground-based optical spectra and H-alpha line fluxes. However, this proposal represents an entirely different experiment than the science cases of the initial 3D-HST proposal. Our study is also an effective low-redshift pathfinder for JWST Paschen-line observations of high-redshift galaxy samples observed in the near future.