AR 17040 (Archival Research)

Sun Jul 14 05:57:15 GMT 2024

Principal Investigator: Debby Tran
PI Institution: University of Washington
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Title: A Multi-wavelength Picture of Star Formation in the Fireworks Galaxy
Cycle: 30

We will utilize archival Hubble WFC3 and ACS data of star-forming galaxy NGC 6946 (The Fireworks Galaxy) to obtain IR, optical, and UV photometry in 15 bands, perform spectral energy distribution (SED) fits, and constrain temperatures, masses, and ages of over 8 million stars to study global and local star formation. Specifically, we will create resolved luminosity, age, and mass maps of NGC 6946 to analyze age and mass gradients in the spiral arms and obtain the luminosity, age, and mass functions of clusters to constrain spiral arm and star formation models. Additionally, we will constrain the mass-radius relation from the wide-ranging sample of clusters. Using the wealth of archival resolved mutli-wavelength HST WFC3 and ACS photometry of NGC 6946, we will obtain insight into galactic structure formation and evolution and how it relates to resulting stars and clusters in spiral galaxies with active star formation.