AR 17044 (Archival Research)

Thu Jul 18 15:22:36 GMT 2024

Principal Investigator: Risa Wechsler
PI Institution: Stanford University
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Title: Galaxy-halo connection from resolved star formation histories of dwarf galaxies
Cycle: 30

Hubble Space Telescope observations have enabled, for the first time, homogeneous measurements of the star formation histories for most dwarf galaxies in the Local Group (LG) based on resolved stellar populations. In order to fully utilize these measurements to further inform our understanding of the onset of galaxy formation and of dwarf galaxy formation in a full cosmological context, we propose to develop a semi-empirical model that self-consistently matches observed star formation histories of LG galaxies to the assembly history of their dark matter halos over cosmic history. Our approach builds upon the success of the UniverseMachine model, and will implement components for reionization and environmental quenching within multi-resolution simulation suites that enable self-consistent modeling of the full range of masses and redshifts relevant for dwarf galaxies. Our proposed work will provide a constrained distribution of plausible halo assembly histories for each observed LG dwarf galaxy, connect LG measurements to the growing sample of similar galaxies in the Local Volume (~100 Mpc), and enable robust constraints on the onset and progress of galaxy formation in the smallest galaxies in the Universe. All data products including the model itself, dark matter halo assembly histories, and galaxy star formation histories will be made publicly available to the broader astronomy community.