AR 17062 (Archival Research)

Thu Jul 25 12:53:49 GMT 2024

Principal Investigator: Charlotte Wood
PI Institution: Iowa State University
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Title: Revisiting SH0ES: A Search for Light Echoes Around Type Ia Supernovae
Cycle: 30

Type Ia supernovae are important distance indicators for cosmology, however the neither the exact progenitor system nor the relative rates of different progenitor systems for these supernovae are well known. Important observational differences exist between the two main progenitor types - single-degenerate systems are expected to exhibit more dust than double-degenerate systems on account of the accretion disk. One way to illuminate the dust around type Ia supernovae is to search for light echoes: transient reflection nebulae created by dust scattering light into our line of sight. In order to obtain the most complete information from light echoes, they need to be resolved. Therefore, we are limited to the closest type Ia supernovae for our search. The most recent SH0ES analysis of 42 type Ia supernovae (Riess et al. 2021) provides a natural sample for a light echo search, as the archival data is in the correct filters and targets nearby star-forming supernova host galaxies with plenty of dust. We propose to analyze the SH0ES archival data and additional data from other proposals to identify new light echoes around type Ia supernovae and then use those light echoes to map the dust distributions, constrain the progenitors, and constrain the dust properties of the host galaxy.