AR 2524 (Archival Research)

Sun Jun 4 05:15:33 GMT 2023

Principal Investigator: Conor Nixon
PI Institution: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
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Title: Trace gases in Titan's Atmosphere with JWST MIRI
Cycle: 1

In this JWST data archive project, we propose to model mid-infrared MIRI MRS spectra of Titan acquired under GTO project #1251 (“Titan Climate, Composition and Clouds”) with the goal of detecting new chemical species in Titan’s atmosphere. In particular, we will focus on the 5-7 micron spectral range, which has not been previously seen by either of Cassini’s infrared spectrometers or other observatories. This spectral range contains molecular bands of many organic molecules previously unseen in Titan’s atmosphere, which may be detected for the first time by virtue of JWST’s very high sensitivity. Such new detections would greatly contribute to our knowledge of Titan’s organic chemistry, and to the wider field of astrobiology.