AR 3303 (Archival Research)

Wed Jul 17 15:54:20 GMT 2024

Principal Investigator: Joseph Sterling
PI Institution: University of Miami
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Title: Pinpointing Early Supermassive Black Holes and Star Formation with JWST and Chandra
Cycle: 2

With this proposal we aim to study archival data of z\$>\$5 candidate JWST Star-Forming-Galaxies and Early QSO from the COSMOS-Webb, CEERS and PEARLS in conjunction with deep Chandra archival data to probe the early Universe by means of stacking analysis. Our goal is to determine a) constrain the high-z Star Formation Rate (SFR)-L\$_X\$ efficiency by deriving Chandra X-ray luminosities and SFRs obtained by JWST; b) the abundance of AGN-like X-ray sources at z>5 in order to shed new light on early SMBH growth and c) compute the space density and X-ray throughput of early AGN candidates and compare them with predictions of SMBH seeding models.