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Image of globular star cluster NGC 6397 taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, showing scattering of yellow and orange stars, a few with a blue glow.

Published Research

Staff collaborations spanned the globe and the full breadth of astronomy.

Researchers, engineers, and technical staff continued to advance the field of astronomy through their published research in 2021, even as the coronavirus pandemic and its accompanying challenges stretched through a second year. More than 500 papers were co-authored with researchers from almost 60 countries, illustrating that astronomy is a global endeavor that endures even when in-person collaboration is curtailed. From studying ultra-faint dwarf galaxies alongside Korean colleagues, to exoplanet discoveries with collaborators in Morocco, STScI researchers continued to conduct exciting research with colleagues around the globe.

An International Scope

World map shows countries where staff and collaborators collaborated in 2021.
STScI researchers collaborated with astronomers and engineers across the globe in 2021. Countries with highest number of co-authors are set off in dark blue.

2021 Staff Publications by Topic

Multi-colored galaxy almost completely covered by 15.5 paper icons

Evolution of Galaxies

Dark background with purple blotches covered by 3.5 paper icons

History and Structure of the Universe


Illustration of a planet with rings covered by 8.5 paper icons

Planetary Systems Near and Far

Illustration of 1D person at a computer over a blue background with one paper icon

Software Engineering, Ground Systems, and Data Science


Bright blue star at top left, 5 paper icons, bright white semi-circle at bottom center

Star Formation and Interstellar Matter

Multi-colored star field with a black background covered by 7.5 paper icons

Stellar Life Cycle and Populations of Stars


Swirling bright yellow circle at top left surrounded by orange arms, covered by 4 paper icons

Supermassive Black Holes and Other High Energy Phenomena

Webb Space Telescope instrument covered by 4.5 paper icons

Telescope Instruments and Optics