Enabling Transiting Exoplanet Observations with JWST

Mon 10 Jul 2017
Wed 12 Jul 2017

Baltimore, MD

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Have questions? Please contact Martha Devaud.


This workshop will provide a forum for the exoplanet community to learn about and discuss planning JWST observations to characterize transiting exoplanets. Talks will inform potential users about science opportunities and tools for observation planning. Data challenges will introduce the community to planned data products and identify key tools and resources for further data reduction and interpretation. With a Cycle 1 proposal deadline in early 2018, this workshop will serve as an important opportunity for the transiting exoplanet community to begin building high-quality JWST observing programs.


Enabling Transiting Exoplanet Observations with JWST Materials

July 10, 2017 - July 12, 2017

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