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Mon 15 May 2017
Thu 18 May 2017


Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)
3700 San Martin Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218


In support of the first JWST call for proposals, Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) is pleased to announce a workshop to educate the general astronomical community about the JWST Proposal Planning process. This workshop will take place at STScI in Baltimore, MD on May 15-18, 2017. The main goal of this workshop is to provide hands-on teaching for the JWST Exposure Time Calculator (ETC), the JWST Target Visibility Tools, and the JWST Astronomer’s Proposal Tool (APT).

The Exposure Time Calculator (ETC) calculates the detailed performance of the observatory by modeling astronomical scenes consisting of single or multiple point and extended sources. It offers full support for all of the JWST observing modes. There are two Target Visibility Tools to help you assess target visibilities before you enter information in APT: the General Target Visibility Tool (GTVT) predicts visibility windows and position angles for all instruments, and the Coronagraphic Visibility Tool (CVT) provides target visibility information for the NIRCam and MIRI coronagraphic modes. The Astronomer's Proposal Tool (APT) is used to write, validate and submit proposals.

The JWST Guaranteed Time Observers (GTOs) will submit Cycle 1 observing descriptions on April 1, 2017. We plan to illustrate the proposal planning process and the tools mentioned above using a subset of the NIRCam, NIRSpec, NIRISS, MIRI and Telescope Scientist GTO programs. During the workshop, GTOs will describe the science and technical motivation for half a dozen programs. STScI staff will step participants through ETC calculations and Target Visibility and APT planning for each program and will be available to provide help with ERS and GO cycle 1 proposal planning during unstructured open periods.

More information on JWST capabilities and observing opportunities can be found in the JDox.

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