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Tue 2 May 2023


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8:00 PM - 9:30 PM EDT

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Speaker:  Dr. Amanda Pagul (Space Telescope Science Institute)

Tracing back to the Hubble Deep Field in the 1990s, galaxy surveys with space telescopes have become a fundamental part of cosmological studies. Newer surveys have grown both larger and deeper to probe more galaxies at greater distance and detail. One such survey, Hubble’s Frontier Fields program, leverages gravitational lensing to push Hubble beyond even its impressive technical limits.

To extract understanding of how galaxies change across space and time, the crucial process is to convert these images into catalogs of galaxies with measured properties. Given the various observed wavelengths, cosmological redshift, galaxy development over billions of years, and numerous other factors, defining a reliable set of galaxy characteristics is a significant challenge.

Dr. Amanda Pagul of the Space Telescope Science Institute will describe previous survey results with galaxy cluster data from the Hubble Space Telescope and future work with the James Webb Space Telescope.

Recorded live on Tuesday, May 2, 2023.


The STScI Public Lecture Series offers talks on a diverse selection of cosmic topics, typically held the first Tuesday of every month. The 2023 Public Lecture Series is continuing an online-only format. This lecture will be presented with a livestream to YouTube, and questions can be asked in the YouTube chat. As usual, the recording will also be posted on our YouTube channel. We will, as necessary, adjust from the traditional first Tuesday at 8 PM schedule to accommodate our speakers.

Live and archived recordings:

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