Resolving the Extended Stellar Halos of Nearby Galaxies: The Future of Near-Field Cosmology

Wed 26 Feb 2020

Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)
3700 San Martin Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218


2:45 PM - 4:00 PM

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The widely accepted Lambda Cold Dark Matter paradigm faces important challenges at the scales of individual galaxies, primarily linked to the implementation of baryonic physics in cosmological simulations. The study of resolved stellar populations in the nearest galaxies, or "near-field cosmology", provides key constraints on the physics underlying galaxy formation and evolution. In this talk, I will present the ongoing Panoramic Imaging Survey of Centaurus and Sculptor and the Magellanic Analog Dwarf Companions And Stellar Halos survey, targeting galaxies in the Local Volume within a range of masses and environments. The unique strength of such surveys is the exquisite synergy between wide-field, ground-based imaging and their extensive follow-up campaigns (HST, Keck, VLT, Magellan, AAT). Such surveys constitute the first accurate characterization of the past and ongoing accretion processes shaping the halos of these nearby galaxies and their satellite populations: they do not only quantitatively inform theoretical models of galaxy formation and evolution, but also represent a necessary testbed in preparation for the next generation of ground-based (LSST, GMT, TMT) and space-borne telescopes (JWST, WFIRST).

Speaker:  Denija Crnojevic (University of Tampa)


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