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YAE Virtual Family STEM Forum

Fri 23 Oct 2020

Online Attendance Only


4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

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Please join us to learn more about astronomy during our Youth for Astronomy and Engineering “Family STEM Forum” followed by an opportunity to ask questions. This event is free to attend, but online pre-registration is encouraged. Pre-registration for this event is coming soon. To learn more about the YAE Program, visit

Speaker: Dr. Néstor Espinoza (Space Telescope Science Institute)

Title: Exoplanets: A Search for New Worlds

Abstract: Is the Solar System we call home special? Three decades of advances in astronomy have revealed that our home planet is only one small dot in a vast sea of planetary systems in our galaxy. These extra-solar planets—or exoplanets—have been discovered by the thousands, and are challenging our understanding of how planetary systems form and develop. But what are they made of? And how did they get there? We don't have the answers yet, but we do have some important clues. Join us on this cosmic voyage across our galaxy to explore new worlds beyond our wildest dreams.

Additional Panelists: Alex Lockwood (Space Telescope Science Institute)