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Tue 20 Jun 2023
Fri 23 Jun 2023


Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)
3700 San Martin Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218

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The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, planned to launch in late 2026, will provide a simultaneous field of view 100 times larger than that of JWST and 200 times larger than that of HST+WFC3/IR, sensitivity and resolution similar to that of HST, and incredible survey speeds. Roman will perform near-infrared imaging and spectroscopic surveys approximately 1000 times faster than the largest surveys on HST, yielding contiguously surveyed areas rivaling ground-based surveys and producing broad impacts across all of astrophysics. Roman’s survey capabilities will be highly synergistic with JWST's ground-breaking sensitivity, extended wavelength coverage, and broad range of observing modes. Together, Roman and JWST will operate in tandem not only with Hubble, but also with Rubin, Euclid, and other ground-based and space-based facilities of the 2020s.

The first year of science from JWST is already providing transformative scientific results on a wide range of topics that are relevant for Roman and that are synergistic with Roman’s survey capabilities. This conference will focus on how emerging results from JWST are reshaping the scientific landscape and how this impacts the planning for both Roman’s community-defined Core Community Surveys and competed General Astrophysics Surveys. In concordance with the broad range of astrophysics addressed by both missions, we welcome contributions on all scientific topics connected to this theme, from solar system objects and exoplanets, to nearby galaxies, to the search for the first stars and galaxies, and everything in between.

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Important Dates

February 17 Abstract Submission Opens
March 17 Registration Opens
March 17 Abstract Submission Deadline for Invited and Contributed Talks
April 21 Abstract Submission Deadline for Posters
May 30 Registration for In-Person Attendance Closes
June 9 Virtual Registration Closes

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